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AAA Magic Mask Flavour - FlavourArt

AAA Magic Mask Flavour - FlavourArt

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Reduce the acid perception without modifying the pH. pH is one of the key factors involved in food stability. In order to reduce the pH, a small amount of organic acid must be added to the food preparation (i.e. citric, malic, tartaric acid).

In most cases the addition of food acid is beneficial both for microbiological stability and taste (lemon or cola drink, must be acid to be good ).

However, some other foods might require food acid for microbiological safety BUT the acid taste does not complement well (a light cheese, a sauce as example). In this cases, the use of Magic Mask can be of help. Magic Mask does not buffer the pH, nor alter it.

Magic Mask acts at the tongue receptors level, temporarily reducing the acid perception, thus improving the overall mouth feel. Its action last 5-8 seconds and involve only the acid receptors.

Recommended dosage is 1 up to 3 grams for Kg food.

When comparing products with and without Magic Mask, the food with Magic Mask must be tasted as second. 

Made in Italy

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